Our private laboratory at KAUST occupies a space of 200 square meters, and it contains state-of-the-art research equipment valued at 1.2 Million USD. Here, we synthesize and transfer our 2D materials, and execute sophisticated experiments for their characterization under different atmospheres. We also measure the performance of the prototype electronic devices and circuits.

KAUST offers its faculty a wide range of facilities for nanofabrication and nanocharacterization of all kinds of materials in all kinds of conditions, including in many cases in operando experiments. Our level 100 clean room is 2000 square meters, and the entire facility includes a wide range of tools maintained by an expert team of scientists, who train our students and postdocs.

KAUST counts with the supercomputer Shaheen II, the 7th most powerful supercomputer in the world according to when it was installed in July 2015. This machine contains software that allows us to carry out atomistic simulations of nanomaterials. Moreover, the number of users is limited, meaning that the waiting times to run a simulation are very short. Right now, we are installing Shaheen III.