Yue Yuan


PhD student


Building 3 - Desk 2260-WS03

Research Interests

My current research focuses on the fabrication and characterization of two-dimensional (2D) materials (such as hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN)) and devices (such as memristors). I can proficiently operate the conductive atomic force microscope (CAFM) (Dimension Icon, Bruker and NX-HiVac, Park), 2D material transfer stage (HQ graphene), scanning electron microscope (SEM) (Nova Nano, Helios G4, and Helios G5), focus ion beam (FIB) (Helios G4), transmission electron microscope (TEM) (Titan ST, and Titan Cs probe), probe station (HTP-6), photolithography, electron-beam evaporator and so on. Among these instruments, I am especially expertise in CAFM, FIB and TEM.

Selected Publications

  • Swoboda, T., Gao, X., Rosário, C., Hui, F., Zhu, K., Yuan, Y., Deshmukh, S., Köroğlu, C., Pop, E., Lanza, M., Hilgenkamp, H., and Rojo, M., 2023. Spatially-Resolved Thermometry of Filamentary Nanoscale Hot Spots in TiO2 Resistive Random Access Memories to Address Device Variability. ACS Applied Electronic Materials.
  • Zhu, K., Pazos, S., Aguirre, F., Shen, Y., Yuan, Y., Zheng, W., Alharbi, O., Villena, M., Fang, B., Li, X., Milozzi, A., Farronato, M., Rojo, M., Wang, T., Li, R., Fariboriz, H., Roldan, J., Benstetter, G., Zhang, X., Alshareel, H., Grasser, T., Wu, H., Ielmini, D., and Lanza, M., 2023. Hybrid 2D–CMOS microchips for memristive applications. Nature, 618(7963): 57-62.
  • Weber, J., Yuan, Y., Kühnel, F., Metzke, C., Schätz, J., Frammelsberger, W., Benstetter, G., and Lanza, M., 2023. Solid Platinum Nanoprobes for Highly Reliable Conductive Atomic Force MicroscopyACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 15(17): 21602-21608.
  • Pazos, S., Becker, t., Villena, M., Zheng, W., Shen, Y., Yuan, Y., Alharbi, O., Zhu, K., Roldán, J., Wirth, G., Palumbo, F., and Lanza, M., 2023. High‐Temporal‐Resolution Characterization Reveals Outstanding Random Telegraph Noise and the Origin of Dielectric Breakdown in h‐BN Memristors. Advanced Functional Materials, 2213816.
  • Pazos, S., Zheng, W., Zanotti, T., Aguirre, F., Becker, T., Shen, Y., Zhu, K., Yuan, Y., Wirth, G., Puglisi, F., Roldán, J., Palumbo, F., and Lanza, M., 2023. Hardware implementation of a true random number generator integrating a hexagonal boron nitride memristor with a commercial microcontroller. Nanoscale, 15(5): 2171-2180.
  • Roldan, J., Maldonado, D., Pedregosa, C., Alonso, F., Xiao, Y., Shen, Y., Zheng, W., Yuan, Y., and Lanza, M., 2022. Modeling the variability of Au/Ti/h-BN/Au memristive devices. IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 70(4): 1533-1539.
  • Poulsen, T., Yuan, Y., 2020. Predicting below-surface horizontal pore gas velocity in porous media from above-surface wind conditions and medium gas permeability. European Journal of Soil Science, 72(1), 183-197.
  • Zuo, Y., Lin, H., Guo, J., Yuan, Y., He, H., Li, Y., Xiao, Y., Li, X., Zhu, K., Wang, T., Jing, X., Wen, W., and Lanza, M., 2020. Effect of the Pressure Exerted by Probe Station Tips in the Electrical Characteristics of Memristors. Advanced Electronic Materials. 6(3), 1901226.


  • Ph.D., Material Science and Engineering, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, Current position
  • BSc., Chemical Engineering, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Shantou, China, 2021

Scientific and Professional Membership

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS)


  • National Scholarship 2019/20 Issued by Ministry of Education, PRC (0.2% nationwide)
  • Technion Dean’s List Scholarship in Year 2020
  • Technion Leadership Scholarship in Year 2019
  • Winning Prize of the National FLTRP·ETIC Cup English Writing Test
  • The 5th China College Students Internet Plus Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award

KAUST Affiliations

Research Interests Keywords

2D materials C-AFM TEM Hexagonal Boron Nitride